(By Susan McKay, Multi-lingual Recruiter, Ice Recruitment)

My days are spent working with clients and candidates.  Whether it is talking to the client to ascertain the personality, character and skills required for a new role, or speaking to candidates to find out what they are seeking and how to improve their CV and to coach on interview tips and techniques. One question I find myself asking time and time again is, “What motivates you?”

Thinking this question through I decided to ask that question to different age groups and see what their responses were.  From the eighteen-year-olds, their competitive edge came out with their response being, “Beating the competition.”

Moving on to those maturing in years – post 35 and women, from businesswomen to stay at home mums, from entrepreneurs to employees, the answers in this category varied.  “Making life nicer for my children.”  “Having a vision, a goal and driving towards that, even if the obstacles in the way hinder me at times.”  “Hope and potential”, “having a plan and seeing HOW something can be achieved.”

Our motivation comes from different aspects and truthfully, I think it depends on your surroundings.  These can be your physical surroundings, the people around you, your thoughts for example.

Time and time again this question comes up at interview.  Why?  Is there any real purpose behind it? Dig deep and without doubt the purpose is to find out our drive, our enthusiasm behind an application.  Do your values and those of the perspective company align?  In your current work environment, what happens when they don’t, what happens next?  Look for new motivation within your current company, speak to your line managers or consider making that break, push yourself out of your comfort zone and seek that new position?

To help you decide and consider some of these answers, why not message us here at Ice Recruitment.  Susan specialises in multi-lingual, Rachel in IT sales account managers and Neo is Senior Sales Specialists.

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We both started life in the corporate world.

Prior to Ice Recruitment, Neo was a Sales Director in the IT channel working at Insight, Misco and Kelway. This puts Neo in a unique position to find you the right people for your industry.

Rachel began her career as an internal HR / internal recruiter and consultant at companies including Norman Broadbent, Freshfields Solicitors and Argyle Recruitment. She worked with a number of large blue-chip organisations including Microsoft, Worldcom and UUNet.

Ice Recruitment has gone from strength to strength in the past 10 years working with many companies including Computacenter, Capita & many more.

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