Dream job or nightmare?

Dream job or Nightmare? What role are you in currently?

Maybe somewhere in-between, but consider this:

What do you want from your role?

If you are sitting at work, or in your home office thinking, “I wish there was more to this”, “I hate my boss”, “why do they treat me like this?”, “I wonder what is out there?” “is this the right place for me?” You get the picture right?

It may be time for you to start thinking about your next move. But where do you begin? How do you go about planning this? In my opinion it starts with YOU. No-one & nothing else, just you.  You can start the process by asking yourself important questions to help you set the criteria for your next move.

By doing this, you can set your expectations as to what you want, what you do NOT want, what to look for and what questions to ask at the interview, so as to ensure you tick as many of the boxes you need to tick, to make you happy and productive. You do not want to jump from one bad place to another – hence why so many CV’s have multiple roles and are seen as “job hoppers”.

There are many questions to ask but here are a few to get you started. Remember, it is a journey you are going on so be kind and patient whilst doing this.

  1. What are my values and are they aligned to the job? If, for example, you have honesty high on your list, where does the hiring company sit with this?
  2. What is the boss like? Could you see yourself working with them and them with you? Would they support & sponsor your career (can they prove this) or will they just stand in your way.
  3. Why am I leaving? Get to the reasons, the real reasons why and make sure you avoid these in your next move.
  4. What about the culture?
  5. Do I want a hybrid role? Do you like to work at home but also get into the office & meet people? Or do you want full time remote / office based?
  6. What about career growth? Ask the interviewer, if possible, to show / give examples of where this has previously been done as this is important to me.

In short, plan your next move with you in mind, not just money. Think about what works for you and what does not and get as close to it as possible.


Good luck.

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We both started life in the corporate world.

Prior to Ice Recruitment, Neo was a Sales Director in the IT channel working at Insight, Misco and Kelway. This puts Neo in a unique position to find you the right people for your industry.

Rachel began her career as an internal HR / internal recruiter and consultant at companies including Norman Broadbent, Freshfields Solicitors and Argyle Recruitment. She worked with a number of large blue-chip organisations including Microsoft, Worldcom and UUNet.

Ice Recruitment has gone from strength to strength in the past 10 years working with many companies including Computacenter, Capita & many more.

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