Finding a new role can be frustrating.  It takes time out of your current role, you have a number of agents calling, you need to keep checking the job boards and emails.  Here at Ice Recruitment we aim to give you the best possible experience knowing we will always have your requirement.  We will help you with your CV, interview prep and presentations as we move through the process.

Working with Ice Recruitment

Here at Ice we aim to work with you and get to know you even when you are not looking for a role.  Our philosophy is to be a partner to you when you need us.  We offer monthly updates on relevant information for all our candidates and are always on hand for a non-committal chat about the market and what you want your next move to be.  Contact Rachel or Neo for a chat.


  • The role of your CV is to ensure you are represented correctly and ultimately, have an interview. We will make sure your CV is professional. We will advise and help you with this and ensure you feel represented to the highest standard.
  • (With regards to your data, please be assured that we do not share any information. We have a privacy policy which is available to read here.)
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The Interview Process

  • Many of our clients like to know that we have met you face to face. We aim to meet all candidates face to face or have an online call if time constraints demand.
  • Once you have a client interview booked, we will ensure you are the most prepared candidate they will be meeting.
  • We offer clear job descriptions, interview packs and a number of reference points for you to know the company and the managers you are meeting with.
  • We pride ourselves on always working with prepared candidates.


  • If you are required to present to the client, we offer a free consultancy service to you whereby we will go through your presentation with you offering feedback and areas that may need improvement.

Resignation Process

  • This is often a very tricky part of the process. We have extensive experience in helping candidates to resign to ensure they move forward professionally and with integrity.